About Me


Simple Facts

Mike Shiflet has been working in the information technology industry for 15+ years.


Mike has done private consulting as well as work for Intel, Epson, Belkin and other well known technology companies over the last 15 years. Prior he worked with all types of information technology systems from main frames to personal computer systems.

Mike works on both Window and Macintosh machines, specializing in new machine setups, network installations and data moves and maintenance.


  • Windows Systems
  • Macintosh Systems
  • Network Installs
  • System Setups
  • Data Maintenace
  • Backup Systems
  • Data Moves


Contact Me


Dallas, Tx 75214

Email: msc@BetterHalfConsulting.com
Phone: 469-682-1444
Fax: 469-327-0843

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